About me

My role as a healer is to guide people towards reaching their potential so they can achieve a deeper more satisfying sense of self, purpose in life, and felt connection with others. I do this by helping my clients learn how to understand themselves (and their symptoms), so they can develop and strengthen their capacity to have meaningful and productive relationships with themselves, others, and society as a whole. I work with adults as individuals, couples and families, as well as with children and adolescents within a family setting. I have a particular interest in working with individuals and families who have tried to find help within the conventional medical paradigm of psychotherapy (e.g., previous experience with M.F.Ts, L.C.S.Ws., psychiatrists, psychologists, and/or managed healthcare systems) with limited success. I work with many individuals within the creative and therapeutic professions.    

I come from an eclectic background which includes education and training in somatic (physical body) and mindfulness (psychological well-being) practices, within both Eastern and Western philosophies and traditions. I have a Masters in counseling with an emphasis on Jungian and depth therapeutic practices, and I also have extensive experience with traditional psychoanalytic talk therapy. My analytic approach (orientation) is synthetically based i.e., constructive and purpose orientated, rather than deficit based looking for causes and reasons for symptoms and dis-ease. Although I completed the education and hours required for certification in the mental health field, I found during my training that in many cases working from within a medical model based on a paradigm of sickness versus health, ran counter-intuitive to the healing process. As a result, I decided to forgo accreditation within that paradigm, opting for a more holistic approach based on the spiritual belief that authentic health and well-being is the result of understanding how mind and body are always working together as one towards growth, health, and endurance.  

Although most of my clients initially seek me out looking for alternative methods to deal with resistant symptoms (physical, psychological and/or relational), and I have successful experience working with all the common psychiatric diagnoses, addictive processes, and psychosomatic conditions, symptom management and relief is the not the main focus of the work I do; it simply happens as a by-product of the holistic process. My experience with life has taught me that when you learn about yourself and how you work well in the world, even the most troubling symptoms and complex relationship issues can become assets and strengths. My healing style is psycho-educational and experiential. I use and an alternative talk therapy approach in conjunction with imaginal and creative practices, combined with somatic energy work. 

Sarah Stickeler

M.A. Counseling Psychology

Synthetic Analyst/Spiritual Healer