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I see people at their convenience in their homes, a minimum of once per week. ​Phone and Skype sessions can be incorporated to accommodate work and travel schedules. I work on a retainer-like fee structure based on an hourly rate for a certain number of regular in-person sessions per week or month, which also allows for open communication in between sessions when clients need it. The set number of weekly/monthly sessions, fee schedule, and length of treatment, is based on presenting issues, therapeutic goals, and ability to pay for services.   

I factor client income into my pricing to mitigate any additional financial stress as a result of working with me, but I also bring to the relationship the underlying assumption that a client’s ability to pay for my services is a reflection of their readiness to participate in the healing process (move forward in life). However, with that being said, you will find that my hourly fees (individual and family rates), are somewhat lower than typically encountered within the conventional medical model paradigm of mental health services and treatment centers, so that the necessary psychological (and personal) support required to navigate complex issues, is more affordable in general. Clients can choose to take a break from the process at any time. Most people start feeling better within a one or two sessions, and for some that is all they want or need.      

I do not work with healthcare insurance companies nor do I accept payment from any third parties or agencies. I keep my fees on the lower side in order to encourage and facilitate personal growth based on personal assets and resources, skills and strengths, rather than fostering dependency on corporations, institutions, and/or social services.    

Sarah Stickeler M.A.

San Fernando Valley area

310-990-8095 sarah@thespiralroad.com