The Method (The Spiral Staircase)

The first step is to help you find the method that works best for you.

I believe that your body, mind, and your life in general, are in fact already working for you, urging you along your path towards self realization, and I will show you how to see this. I use symptoms (physical and psychological), or the lack there of, as well as the quality and tone of your relationships to gauge where you are on your path. I work with this material (information), to educate you about yourself and where you are heading in life, and how to initiate change if it is called for. My approach is both psycho-educational and experiential.

I incorporate and accommodate both Eastern and Western philosophies (myths and theories) and techniques (practices) when working with clients. I am often asked to comment on my views regarding medication and my response to this is, that medication, along with everything else in this world, comes from the Psyche (life force), it therefore serves a valuable purpose in time, has meaning, and exists to support us in our growth. Our responsibility is to always use all that life provides us with, whatever that may be, thoughtfully (consciously), and wisely. 

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